Containers with side door

Area of use: 
Intended for collection and transportation of waste electrical and electronic equipment, baled secondary raw materials, pallets, cargo and hazardous waste, as well as other goods which could be loaded/unloaded with a forklift from the side. Could be used as storage container.

Technical specification:
  • the capacity of the container is 35- 46 m3,
  • frame according to SS, DIN and other standards,
  • hook lift loading system,
  • double door with a door locking and security blocking fitted on the side of the container,
  • Version with side doors
  • Medium Version: thickness of steel sheets bottom: 4mm; walls: 3mm, Frame span: 750mm
  • Heavy Version: thickness of steel sheets bottom: 5mm; walls: 4mm, Frame span: 750mm
  • with side doors
  • "Hardox/ Domex" version or Hardox/ Hardox steel sheets

Special Options:
  • single door fitted with a security locking  on the side of the container, top hinged rear door,  also fitted with a rubber seal,
  • mounted on an extended section or at level with the base of the container,
  • logo plate
  • roller cover,
  • permanent roof,
  • sliding roof slideable by hand,
  • lifting roof lifted by a lifting break or a hydraulic pomp,
  • the forklift pockets under the containers

Our company also produces:
  • Hooklift containers  complies with the requirements of  SS-3021 standards or with the customers guideline, the capacity of the container is 10 - 49 m3
  • Type “Open Lift” , built according to SS-3020  standards with a capacity of 1 - 12 m 3, while the thickness of the metal used varies according to the order.
  • Type “Combo”, built according to DIN 30720 standards with a capacity between 2,5 - 12 m3 while the thickness varies according to the demands of the client. The lids on these bins are equipped , however if the customer so pleases in steel, aluminum and  PCV lids can be added.
  • a wide variety of containers built in accordance to German standards DIN30720 and DIN3072-1
  • Storage container the length of 8 to 10 feet, adapted for vehicle transport or fork lifts and equipped with anti - leak double wing doors which ensure that no water will leak into the container
  • Oil reservoirs according to clients demands.

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