MK Hooklift Containers

Roller Containers for vehicles

P.P.H „AMG” sp. z o.o. offers :

1. Roller Containers with a hook loading system:
• complies with the requirements of DIN 30720; NFR 17-108 and SS-3021 standards or with the customers guidelines. 
• the capacity of the container is 10 - 40 m3
• catches for the hook system are built at a height according to standards or to the wish of the client

2. Roller Containers with a linear and/or chain loading system.

3. Urban Roller Containers with a limited width according to DIN 30722 standards

4. The above containers 1 - 3 can be equiped with the following:
• double doors with a door lock and central blockade fitted on the side or the base of the container 
• single door fitted with a central blockade on the side or the base of the container, also fitted with and without a rubber seal
• tail flap built on hinges and mounted on an extended section or at level with the base of the container 
• doors built on the side of the container 
• openings along the side of the container
• tail ramp ( in case the container is needed for moving or hauling machines)
• moveable tail ramp 
• net or tarpaulin

Both and open version and a closed version of Roller containers are available. Open containers possess hooks to mount a net or a rollable tarp.

Closed containers can be equiped with the following:
• a permanent roof
• a sliding roof. Slideable by hand
• Lifting Roof. Lifted by hand assisted by a lifting break or a hydraulic ram. The roof is made from a steel sheet and mounted rotatably on a pivoting section along the container.

5. Use of the container:
• for the storage, segregation and transportation of waste and recyclables.
• transport and storage of construction material and waste
• handy use for storage or as a transport device
• transportation of muddy soil
• many other uses meeting every wish of the customer 


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