Lift Containers

P.P.H. AMG offers a wide variety of containers that use a gate loading system, which comply with demanded SS3020 Swiss consumer standards. Container capacity varies between 3 - 20 m3. The containers can be made with any thickness of steel sheeting that the customer desires using S235 or S355 grade.

We also offer bins narrowed down to the width of "mini" type containers with a capacity of 1.5 to 3.5 m3

The standard paint for these bins is alkaline paint with the colour taken from the RAL Catalog. We can also paint our containers in accordance to customer demands.

P.P.H. "AMG" produces among other things:

1. Open lift ML

Area of use:
• for the storage, segregation and transportation of waste and recyclables.
• transport and storage of construction material and waste
• handy use for storage or as a transport device
• transportation of muddy soil
• for particular use for draining liquid from stored waste
• many other uses meeting every wish of the customer 

Technical specification:

Version “L”
  • capacity: 8m3 – 20m3
  • thickness of steel sheets bottom: version “L” 4mm / side walls: 3mm
  • U-profile cold bended version “L”,
  • lift-dumper loading system,

Version “LF”
  • heavy version,
  • thickness of steel sheets bottom: 5mm / side walls: 4mm,
  • metallurgic U-profile,
  • U-profile on the sidewalls installed over the entire height of the container,
  • lift-dumper loading system,

Special Options:
  • double door on the rear wall
  • flap on the rear wall
  • forklift pocket under the bottom
  • logo plate
  • other dimensions on request,
  • special paint,

Close lift ML

Version “S”

Technical specification:
  • capacity: 8m3,
  • thickness of steel sheets bottom: 4mm / side walls: 3mm,
  • rear door hanging (hinges on the top of the container ) or double side opening rear door (hinges on sides)
  • 3 lids on each side,
  • lift-dumper loading system,
Special Options:
  • other dimensions on request,
  • special paint,

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