General Terms of Delivery.

1) Figures and documentation.
Figures, drawings, cost estimates and other technical documentation constituting a part
of an offer shall always remain intellectual property of PPH AMG Sp. z o.o., just like specimens, catalogues, brochures, etc. Their every use, copy and distribution shall require the holder's permission.

1) Quotes.
Quote sent by PPH AMG Sp. z o.o. shall include a price for the AMG Lębork goods EXW or DDU, terms of payment and order delivery date, excluding customs clearance cost. Tender  is valid for 1 week from date of offering.

2) Acceptance of a production order.
Acceptance of a production order shall occur at the time of receipt by PPH AMG
Sp. z o.o. of the confirmation of an order signed by both parties. Confirmation of an order shall be prepared based on a previous quote sent to the Buyer and an order for goods received from it.

3) Delivery of goods, personal collection.
Delivery or personal collection of goods shall occur at a time agreed on by both parties, after meeting all the requirements included in the confirmation of an order (contract), approved by both parties. The Seller shall be entitled to partial deliveries.
If the Buyer does not receive the goods delivered in an agreed place and time and this delay does not result from action or omission of the Seller, it may demand reimbursement of all costs incurred with a given delivery.
In the event of delivery on the side of the Seller, the Buyer shall be obligated to ensure the discharge of goods in a place it has indicated.

4) Payment.
Payment shall be made according to the guidelines indicated on an invoice (account number, date, currency).
The Buyer shall not be entitled to suspend payment due to warranty claims.
The goods remain our own until the full payment is made.

5) Warranty.
All products are covered with two-year warranty, apart from damages resulting from their improper use. Warranty shall cover material defects, structural defects, product manufacturing quality and coating quality.
Coating warranty for products protected from corrosion and external factors only with the primer shall come to 30 days.

6) Complaint.
Complaint for defective goods should be lodged via e-mail or fax. It should include a contract number, serial number, description of a defect, and, if possible, attached photo documentation. PPH AMG Sp. z o.o. shall have 14 days for the complaint consideration and possible presentation of the course of complaint resolution at a time convenient for the Customer.

7) Final provisions.
All disputes shall be settled in an amicable manner. If there is no amicable resolution, the Polish law shall be the law governing these Terms and the common court competent ratione loci and ratione materiae for the registered office of PPH AMG Sp. z o.o.

These general terms of delivery have been drawn up in three language versions: Polish, German and English. In case of any discrepancies, the Polish version shall prevail.

* Własność intelektualna firmy PPH AMG Sp. z o.o. Kopiowanie, drukowanie, powielanie bez pisemnej zgody właściciela jest zabronione.